Prophet Dr. Owuor, he is a true prophet, believe him


He came in the limelight in the year 2004. Many did not know him, but with the power from God, he started ministering, alone. He had no followers, no interpreter, no public address system, nor a source of funding. But he was not intimidated. God was with him.

Dr. Owuor received his calling just at the peak of his career. A renowned doctor, with handsome degrees, a good career and position. Probably by then he was among the best doctors in Africa. I believe that Dr. Owuor was just about to maneuver to his self-actualization stage of life. Because he had already achieved his dreams and money at that point of his life was no longer a problem. However, he had to leave all these. Deny himself all he had sweated for and serve the lord.

There have been controversies about if he is indeed a true prophet. Now I say he is. The lord Jesus himself warned us in the gospel of Luke 21:8 about the false prophets who would come in His name claiming that they are He. However, he informs us about their prophesies; stating that if they make a prophesy, and it comes to happen, then we must fear them. This convinces me that prophet Owuor is a true prophet, and thus I fear whatever he says and follow it contritely.

 Consider the number of prophesies he has made and they came to pass. He prophesied about the Haitian earthquake, Chilean earthquake, earthquake in Philippines, Kenyan post-election violence, among very many others. The most recent are very astounding. In the beginning of this year he was in a revival meeting in Venezuela where he prophesied about an earth tremor that was to hit Venezuela to prove to them that he is a true prophet. It came to fulfillment in 24 hour time. In March this year he also prophesied about the heavy rains, with strong winds and floods that were coming to Kenya. Ten days later, it started raining, and we can see how heavy it is. Funny enough, it went in contrast to the weather forecasters who had made hypotheses that there were to be no rains. When it started raining, they claimed the rains could be short; but it seems the power of God is surpassing everything.

Very recently also the prophet prophesied of coming floods in which many became wrecked. It never passed hardly a week and it happened in Rwanda. The floods were heavy, destroyed a lot of property and structures, and left many wrecked and homeless just as prophesied. I will not forget to mention about a prophesy of the lord that was made about Kenya in 2011. Kenya was to be hit by an earthquake.  Just the other day on Tuesday Nairobi and its outskirts were shaken a bit.

Now, dear reader and kenyaplexan I want you to understand one thing. When the Lord gives a prophesy about you of coming distress, he has definitely seen your follies and he wants you to turn back to him in repentance. If you repent, you will be forgiven for he is a loving God. If you fail to, you will face his wrath. When prophet Owuor was sent to warn the world of its sins, his mission was to begin in Kenya. Kenya was chosen to be the revival Nation, from which other nations were to watch and turn to God. However, to do this, Kenya was to be in holiness. So he was commanded to tell Kenya to repent; in fact to have a national repentance in which everyone from top to bottom was to be involved. Kenya has not done that and any plaque coming to this nation will be the fury of god.

Many have objected, and failed to receive the word and accept the prophet. A prophet is not accepted in his nation, maybe which is the reason. He went to Nigeria and they accepted him. Chile, Venezuela, Anogla, Australia, India etc. all is the same. But funny is that even some people in this nation do not recognize him.

The prophet has held many revival meetings in this nation and his summons showed the exact power of God. In one of the meetings in Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega town, he called upon rain, and indeed on a clear sky heavens opened and it rained. Such a scenario also occurred in Njoro and Kisii towns where he had similar meetings. In his meetings, the sick are healed; the possessed are freed, the lame walk, the deaf hear, HIV/AIDS is healed and many more wonders happen. In one of his meetings last year in Kisii town, he proclaimed healing upon those affected by HIV/ AIDS. To the wake of this year, a number of people in Siaya, Egerton and Bomet have reported having received healing.

The prophet never preaches false apostle. He never preaches about prosperity, money or many other earthly things. His is about the kingdom of God. He never solicits for money to minister, heal or make a prophecy. That should just open our eyes about his teachings.

Very importantly is the fact that he has warned us about the coming of the Messiah. Remember about the case of Sodom and Gomorrah who were warned of their sins; sexual sin, hypocrisy, idolatry etc. they never took heed and therefore God burned down those cities. However, we can see a good case from Nineveh who were warned by Jonah, heard him by repenting and they were forgiven. Nineveh thereafter became a very great nation. There is glory in following the command of god.

Judgment will come to all people at end times. Everybody will have to give an account of how his/her life was. Sinners will be thrown in the scorching fire of hell. This is real and we are at a point that everybody must believe this. We are given a chance to repent. God loves us all and want everybody to enter his kingdom; that is why he sent his prophet to prepare us before he comes. We will have nothing to tell God when he judges us since he gave us every opportunity to be righteous just as he wished. The hour is nigh, and soon he will be here to take his holy church.

We better taake heed, because the messsiah is coming.



  1. Hi, am still not sure if he is a servant of God or not, but am concerned about how these prophesies represent my loving Father as being always angry, which has not been pictured much in the bible especially the new covenant. And again the bible has not commanded us to fear the prophet but rather to test their utterances. Prophesy is meant to edify the church, how do earthquakes and floods edify the church? I luv Jesus and i live for Him and i know my life is pegged on Him alone and no one else.

    • 2

      Hi Priscillah, am sorry i could not reply you early enough as i was busy with my exams. I know that matters of God are very serious that they do not need comprehension by human instinct. You need the help of the holy spirit. Otherwise for me, i have made up my mind to follow his teachings. He teaches about Jesus, his blood, holiness and righteousness to people. It too took me time; but i later decided that if he has prophesied about the coming rupture, then let me not fail to take heed and be left to face the tribulations of the world.
      We cannot make matters of God be issues of controversy by allowing people judge from the human views. Only God can guide us.

  2. 4
    asdsd Says:

    and this one heavy rains really……..

  3. 5
    martin kimathi Says:

    i have decided to follow his teachings because i can percieve truth in his them

  4. 6
    michael Says:

    i believe in him since a true prophet according to the bible is always true about the future and he uses the word of God as it is

  5. 7

    The Name Of The Lord Be Glorified Because I Myself Must Thank The Lord For The Mightiest Prophet That I Have Been Awaken To Turn To The Lord.Amen

  6. The Messiah Is Coming Prepare The Way Somebody.Remember That The Same Same Tongue That Prophesied About Eathquekes,flood Etc,has Also Prophesied The Rupture Of The Church.Without Holiness,NO ONE Will See Lord.Amen

  7. 9
    Berenge Dixon Juma Says:

    May God give you strength to serve. I kindly request your advice over this confusion over guy marriage that is in Kenyan media and issue of Bokohurum in Nigeria.

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